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Best money saving apps

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9 Best Money Saving Apps and Websites You Can Join For FREE

I don’t know about you, but every time I get to save some money on any of my purchases, or activities, I get very excited. Like, ridiculously excited.

The thrill of not paying full price for anything is certainly one thing that will never wear off, no matter how long I live. It all first started as a result of my mildly extreme (Is that a thing?) couponing habit. Nowadays it is much more than that. For me, for my family, it’s simply a way of life.

We have learned that no matter how much money you have, no matter how big or small your budget is, it is always better to save. To keep your hard earned money for emergencies, to add to savings, or better yet, for fun.

But saving money is not all about clipping coupons, and running to the store chasing each, and every deal available. Now that I don’t clip coupons anymore, I am even more determined to save wherever I can. And to do that, there are several apps, and websites that I use religiously, which I want to share with you today.

9 Best Money Saving Apps and Websites You Can Join For FREE

For your convenience, this post may contain affiliate links. That means that, if you click on a link, and make a purchase, I might get a small commission from the sale, at no added cost to you. For more information, go to my Full Disclosure Policy page.


Ibotta is one of the best apps to use when you go shopping. I have used it for years, and have made quite a bit of money with it. The way it works is, after creating an account, you start loading the offers you’re interested in.

Once you have added your offers, you have to simply go shopping at any of the participating stores. There are 283 stores, so there are plenty of opportunities for saving money! To redeem the offers, you must then load the receipt to your Ibotta, using your phone’s camera. You will then get the money loaded to your account within 48 hours. After that, you can just transfer the money to your PayPal account.

The best part about Ibotta is that you can use it, even if you used a coupon, or discount when you purchased a product. For me that has meant getting some products for free, or nearly free. All that matters is that the app can find the item on your receipt.

To make this an even sweeter deal, Ibotta also allows you to link your loyalty card to your Ibotta account, which means that when you shop, and use your loyalty card, or phone number attached to it, you can also get cash back.

And guess what else? They also give you cash back on Mobile In-App purchases! I have never used this feature, basically because I forget, but I am sure it’s as amazing as the rest. Some of the Mobile deals included are: Groupon, eBay,, iTunes, and more!

♥♥♥Sign up for Ibotta using my link, and get a $10 welcome bonus!♥♥♥

Even better: this May, everyone who refers 2 friends, will split $100,000! So sign up now, get your $10 welcome bonus, and refer at least 2 friends. You will get your cut of the $100,000, plus the usual $5 for your referrals 😉


This one right here is the mecca of fun! When you’re planning your family vacations, which new restaurants you want to try, field trips to museums, or have a work-related trip, and need to find a hotel, Groupon is your BFF!

All you have to do is create an account with them (It’s FREE!), and start browsing. Using the search feature you can look for pretty much anything, including deals on gift cards. Another extremely cool feature Groupon has is they pull all the local information for you. This is an excellent service, because you get the best deals in your area, including restaurants, hotels, quick coastal getaways (if the coast is near), and much more.

Groupon also brings the chance to shop local, which helps smaller businesses. So, if you’re looking for an amazing gift for example, but are on a budget, know that you can still find something unique, nearby, AND for a great price. That sounds like a win win to me!


This one is almost exclusively for grocery shopping, but they do have quite a few offers for other things like toiletries, beauty/make up products, cleaning products, and more.

The way SavingStar works is this: First, you must check your SavingStar account, or app for offers. Load the offers to your account. All that means is, you need to click on a button to add the ones you want. Go shopping.

To make better use of your SavingStar, add all the royalty cards you can. Note that, while they do allow you to redeem offers at may stores, you can only add the royalty/rewards cards for certain stores. In my case, I have Rite Aid, Fred Meyer, and QFC added to my SavingStar account. I can still redeem purchases made at other stores, but the process is slightly different.

As with IBotta, you will need to take a picture of your receipt, and then submit it thru the SavingStar app, or website. This is quite simple to do, but it does require an extra step when compared with their automatic-savings stores.

SavingStar requires a minimum of $20 before you can cash out, but once you reach this, you can have the money sent to your bank account, to your PayPal account, or even donate to charity.


This, my dear, I use every day. Swagbucks is an incredible program, which allows you to earn, and accumulate points (called SB) to redeem towards gift cards. Some of the gift card offers they have available are: Amazon, Walmart, Nike, Target, eBay, Home Depot, and so much more!

All you have to do is join, which is absolutely FREE, and start using their many features to earn some SB. You can do surveys, shop online, watch videos, or search the web. You can even print coupons! What I do is, I log in to my Swagbucks account in the morning, and then use their search engine for everything else all day long. That way, I maximize my earnings.

The amount of SB you earn is quite random. I’ve received as little as 4 SB, and as much as 25 SB. If you are consistent though, you can start building up those points for a nice treat (think Christmas!).

For a limited time only, if you sign up for Swagbucks using my referral link, and earn 300 SB (easy peasy), we both get a 300 SB bonus! Isn’t that a sweet little deal?

Join Swagbucks!

You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at


This is as simple as it gets. Ebates offers an insane amount of cashback offers on their site. Some of the stores/companies that are featured are: Macy’s, Sephora, Kohl’s, Bloomingdales, Amazon, and so much more! Heck, you can even get cashback from Groupon. which means you could get an incredible deal (like 50% off), AND get cashback from Ebates.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

It works like this. Sign up for an Ebates account. Then start shopping online. Just search for the website you want, and if there is an Ebates deal available, it’ll pop up. To take advantage of the deal, you must activate it first, of course. The cashback you earn from the transaction will then be added to your account, and you can choose between getting a check mailed to you, or having the money deposited into your PayPal account.


Another amazing way to get money back on all your online purchases is Topcashback. Their service is free to join, free to use, and free to cash out. One of the best deals they offer is that there is no minimum threshold to reach to be able to cash out, and you can cash out as many times as you want.

With Topcashback you can also get 100% money back rebates on the referral commission they receive on purchases made on over 4,000 retailers, including Walmart, eBay, Groupon, and For more information on how Topcashback’s referral program works, go to their Terms & Conditions page here.

Topcashback also has a ton of coupons, or discount offers, and even free shipping offers available at any given time. You truly can’t go wrong when using Topcashback!


Target created Cartwheel a few years ago. And if you are a faithful Target shopper, and are not using Cartwheel yet, then you are seriously missing out.

This is how it works. You can create the Cartwheel account on your computer, or go straight to download the app, and go from there. Then, you must create and account (It’s FREE!). Voila! You are all set to start saving at Target.

Next, go thru all the offers available at the moment. To make this a bit simpler, you may either use the search feature, or go straight to the categories that interest you. For example, if you are looking to purchase a toy, there is a tab labeled Toys & Sports. Click on that, and the app will take you to the available offers.

Want to know the best part? You can combine Cartwheel with other discounts, such as Gift Card offers, Target store coupons, manufacturer’s coupons, AND your REDCard Debit card! Cartwheel is simply amazing. I have made it a habit to just pop into my Cartwheel app whenever I go to Target, and search for any discounts on the stuff I need to buy.
All you have to do at checkout is call up your barcode, which contains the offers you have loaded onto your account. The cashier will simply scan the barcode, and you are in business!

Note that most Cartwheel offers are applicable to only 4 of the same item per transaction, with a limit of 6 transactions per day. There are some exceptions to this, so I recommend you always read the details on the offer before you head to checkout.


I use Retailmenot regularly. Their website, and app is a sort of search engine for coupons, deals, and discounts. And you can find those for in-store, and online shopping both. If there is one thing I do without fail, is check my Retailmenot app before I head to checkout.

Now, keep in mind that occasionally there might be an invalid, or expired code in there. I think this happens mainly because individuals are allowed to submit coupons as well. Other than that, there are always tons of deals to be found on their website.

From cash back offers, to gift card deals, and even deals near you (the app is able to identify your location, and find deals for you), you can be sure to find something when you use Retailmenot.

Email sign up

Obviously not an app, or a specific website, but still important, and relevant.

This is by far the simplest, most common, and probably oldest way to get coupons, and discounts. Many retailers have a little pop up form on their websites asking for your email address in exchange for a coupon code to save $xx or % next time you shop with them.

While I wouldn’t advise that you sign up for every website (Your email account would be flooded with emails!), signing up for the ones you love, and where you shop often is not only an excellent idea to save money. It also means that you might get fist dibs on flash sales, or information on their new arrivals.

9 Best Money Saving Apps and Websites You Can Join For FREE

If you are reading this, then you made it to the bottom of the post. Yay! Whether you read it all, or just skimmed thru it, let’s recap:

  • All the apps/websites included here are FREE to join/use.
  • Many can be used simultaneously for even more savings.
  • Some of them offer incentives for referrals.

9 Best Money Saving Apps and Websites You Can Join For FREE

I hope you have found this list helpful, and that you get to save loads of money whenever you shop. If there is an app, or website you know about,  and that’s not included on this list, or if you need any help, please share with us in the comment section below, or reach out to me via email, or social media 😉

Best money saving apps

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