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Things to do on the Fourth of July that are free or cheap

Fourth of July is indeed a very special occasion in the United States. That’s the day when this country celebrates having finally become independent from the British government.

Although this happened ages ago, Americans throughout the country go all out expressing their thrill of being in charge of their own destiny. What’s not to like about that?

Anyway, for many people this could turn into a money pit, as they struggle to show their patriotism, spending tons of their hard-earned money on expensive fireworks displays, throwing big parties, and going, well, overboard.

If you are on a tight budget, it could feel like there is just no way to make the day fun, and enjoyable. The good news is that, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the Fourth of July, have fun with family and loved ones, without breaking the bank.

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I figured I could share with you a few ideas for making it fun, memorable, and without spending a ton of money. Do one of these, or combine a few for an even better Independence day.

Things to do on the Fourth of July that are free or cheap

  1. Sleep in (What can be better than the freedom of being able to do so?)
  2. Bake cupcakes (And don’t forget to add red, white and blue sprinkles!)
  3. Paint your face
  4. Attend local or nearby fireworks exhibition (Free fireworks display anyone?)
  5. Go to local or nearby history museum
  6. Go hiking
  7. Have a cookout
  8. Volunteer
  9. Go camping
  10. Visit your local watering holes
  11. Make 4th of July themed jewelry (Using red, white, and blue beads, and adding some stars would do the trick)
  12. Take a bike ride around town
  13. Play outdoor games
  14. Have an outdoor movie night
  15. Go fishing (You might need to wake up early for this one though.)
  16. Have a backyard camping night
  17. Go on a picnic
  18. Paint rocks (Red, white, and blue paint, glitter, and sequins will work.)
  19. Have a painted rock scavenger hunt in your backyard (Remember those rocks I mentioned above?)
  20. Host a potluck (Great way to get together with family & friends.)
  21. Have a movie marathon
  22. Go to your favorite local park
  23. Take a road trip
  24. Make Fourth of July- themed crafts
  25. Play bingo
  26. Play board games
  27. Bake cookies (Bonus points if you decorate them in red, white & blue.)
  28. Cook an extra special meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner, like you would for other holidays like Thanksgiving, or Christmas
  29. Visit your local library if it’s open (Mine is not 🙁 )
  30. Have a Junk Food Party at home (Snacks, pizza, cake & ice cream or pretty much anything really)

Things to do on the Fourth of July that are free or cheap

Many if not all of the above activities are simple to plan, and cheap, if not free to do. That was my main goal when creating this list. Not only have I been in a place where I need to make our money stretch, but I’m still there. It’s one of the “downfalls” of living on one income, and working hard to get out of debt. You just need to stick to your budget, and not overspend unnecessarily.

The good thing about that is that, well, you get creative. You find that there’s always something you can do to make a day special, even if money is tight. After all, what really matters is the company you keep, not how much you spend.

Now tell me, what will you be doing this Fourth of July? Any big plans for the day? Please, share with us in the comment section below.

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Things to do on the Fourth of July


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