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Best coupon sites

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Best Coupon Sites to Save Money

I strongly encourage anyone who wants or needs to save money to try using coupons and codes whenever possible. Although my couponing days are long past (for now), there is no question that I still believe using coupons is an excellent way to keep your grocery budget under control.

In fact, I still use some coupons. Just not as many as before. And mostly digital.

Since this is not a coupons/deals blog, I don’t share any specific deals here. What I do share are the tools I’ve used while learning to save money and live on a budget. A very good example of this, are coupon sites.

For anyone interested in using coupons without going crazy, following good, frequently updated coupon sites is a must. Otherwise, you’d end up going nuts, trying to figure out the current deals. Coupon/deals sites make couponing much easier, since they do all the legwork for you. And the following sites/blogs are my very favorites, and the ones I recommend.

Best Coupon Sites to Save Money

Who Spends Money

A personal favorite of mine, Who Spends Money is the blog to follow if you live anywhere near the Portland, OR area. The name of the blogger behind it is unknown (it’s not in the About me page), but he/she only shares deals after he/she has tried them, which means you should be successful when doing the deal as well.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

This well-established coupon site is run by 2 women, who describe themselves as “young, savvy moms” who are always looking to lower their grocery bill. They have been around for quite a while and know their stuff.

Queen Bee Coupons

This is another excellent PNW coupon site. Heather is the blogger responsible for creating this blog, and keeps is updated with the latest deals. She started using coupons as a way to make her money stretch even more and stay on budget.

The Coupon Project

Angela launched The Coupon Project in 2009, and she is yet another blogger located near me, in the PNW. Her, along with her team are responsible for finding and sharing great deals every day, including deals local to the Seattle/Tacoma area. Angela is also the blogger behind Northwest Runner Girl (NWRunnergirl), which, you guessed it, is all about running, fitness, and the like.

Totally Target

In case the site name didn’t clue you in, Totally Target is all about Target. From what I’ve seen, the person behind it is Kerry, and the site is not affiliated with the Target stores at all.. This coupon site has it all, from long term deals, to cheap finds, latest coupons, coupon/ad match ups, and more, but just for Target.

Coupon Pro Blog

Roland is the blogger behind this amazing site. He manages it himself, and posts deals daily, even on weekends! Not an easy feat, considering how much work that is for just one person. Roland posts deals, freebies, and coupons.

Cuckoo for Coupon Deals

Deidre, the deal hero behind Cuckoo for Coupon Deals is a young wife and mother who, as a stay at home mom decided to share the deals she found, in her quest to save money and pay off debt. Her site is regularly updated, plus she has guides to help others start using coupons to save.

Penny Pinching Mom

The Penny Pinchin’ Mom site is a bit different from the previous ones. The blogger, Tracie, shares deals, and sales. But she has more of what’s called a lifestyle blog, where she shares budgeting tips, and inspiration to get out of debt. As her About page states, she shares from her own family’s experience, hoping to help others learn how to manage their finances better.

Passion for Savings

At Passion for Savings you’ll find Heather, a self-proclaimed fashionista who, in order to be a stay at home mom for her children, get out of debt, AND afford a few “wants” for her family, turned to coupons to make her budget stretch more. Her deals are varied, from every day household items and food, to more high end products, like designer clothes.

Passionate Penny Pincher

Laurie, the bloggers behind Passionate Penny Pincher sure stands out from the rest. She posts deals daily to her site, just like the others. But, she has an amazing approach: half, yes, half the proceeds from her site go to support mission work, both local and overseas. That’s not only super generous but also a great example of how much learning to manage your money can benefit you and others. Also, Laurie doesn’t work alone on her site, but along some really good friends of hers, who are also amazing at finding deals.

Hip 2 Save

Although Hip2Save is more of a lifestyle blog, with recipes, and DIY projects frequently posted, it’s main thing is coupon deals and discount finds. Collin, the founder of this site, started blogging over 10 years ago with the intent of helping herself as well as friends and family members save money. But she is not a one-woman show anymore. She currently has a big team, plus she has another blog, Hip2behome. Collin also has a personal, interesting, and inspiring story about overcoming depression, addictions, and bulimia, and how coupons (in her own words) saved her life. Her story is raw, real, and inspiring!

*Other store-specific coupon sites to save money are:

  • iHeart Kroger
  • iHeart the Mart
  • Wild for Wags
  • iHeart Wags
  • iHeart Rite Aid

The last 5 coupon sites listed are ones I like but check less frequently, because they are too specific and/or I rarely shop those stores (e.g. Rite Aid)

There are many ways to save money, and stay on budget. Using coupons to shop is only one tiny way to keep your grocery budget under control. But the most important thing is the mindset. What all these coupon sites have in common is that they offer help to those who are looking for ways to save, and change how they use their financial resources.

I hope you have found this list helpful, and that you are able to save tons of money and have fun while doing it, just like I do. Which coupon sites do you like? Are they included on this list? If not, please, share away in the comments. I’m always looking for more tools and I’m sure your input will be of help to others as well!

Best Coupon Sites to Save Money

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Best coupon sites

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