Having a healthy relationship with money is one of the most important things on any person’s life. No matter how much your income is, if you don’t have a realistic view of our budget, a grasp of where your money is going, you could find yourself in a deep pile of debt.

Here you will find tips on how to manage your money, stay on budget, save, and still enjoy life, without the burden of sticky credit card monthly payments.


Best ways to use your stimulus check

Best ways to use your stimulus check Over the past two weeks, we have all been bombarded with information about the new Stimulus bill passed by our government. In it are included several ways in which the government will provide financial assistance to those who need it the most in these unprecedented times. There’s a […] Read more…

The importance of having a budget

The Importance of Having a Budget

The Importance of Having a Budget I lived the majority of my adult life without a budget. What’s worse, growing up, my Mom didn’t have a budget. Like, ever. It took me years of constant struggles to finally see the importance of having a budget. And I will never look back. I can’t not stress […] Read more…

Best camping gear for families

Best Camping Gear For Families

Best Camping Gear For Families Being a family of 5 that lives on one income can be a bit challenging sometimes. Especially when you want to stay on budget, and not live on credit cards. And the most challenging part of it could be family vacations. However, we have found that planning several weekend-long camping […] Read more…

Bad habits that are making you broke

Bad Habits that are Making you Broke

Bad Habits that are Making you Broke Ooohhh bad habits, don’t we ALL have them? And how impossible it seems to break away from them sometimes! Unfortunately, we tend to be the last ones to realize how we are hurting ourselves, our wallets and even our relationships. After all, habits are simply those things we […] Read more…

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