Family life is important. For most of us, especially parents, it is what drives most of our every day decisions. Here you will find tips, and tricks to manage your time, how to deal with common, day to day issues as a parent, and all other things life, and family.

Best ways to use your tax refund

Best Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Best Ways to Use Your Tax Refund Fair warning: if you were searching for spending ideas for your tax refund, then this post is not for you. That said, this post is about what you should do with your tax refund. I hate to be the bearer of sad news but here it goes: your […] Read more…

The importance of reading to your child

The Importance of Reading to Your Child

If I were to listen and follow every single piece of advice about parenting from family, doctors, teachers, blogs, books etc, I’d have little to no time to eat, sleep, or you know, live. The amount of recommendations I see everywhere I look about the things I really must be doing to make my children […] Read more…

Why is it important to have a hobby

Why is it Important to Have a Hobby

Why is it Important to Have a Hobby As mothers, we mostly concentrate a lot of our time, and energy to make sure we take care of our family. We find ourselves feeling like an Uber driver while we cart our children,, who are our non-paying customers, btw) around for their numerous activities. What we […] Read more…

Best Family Board Games

Best Family Board Games for Game Night

When money is tight, or the weather is just not cooperating, you often find yourself cooped up at home. And when you have kids that are on school break, that can only be a recipe for disaster. From cries of boredom, to fights over the stupidest crap, it’s a wonder you have stayed sane. Well, […] Read more…

Head lice

How to Treat Head Lice at Home

How to Treat Head Lice at Home Very little gets to me about school nowadays. But you know what I simply can’t stand? Head lice. For many years, I used to think that lice where a sign of bad hygiene. As a child, I only got lice once, when I was very young. After my […] Read more…

Best way to celebrate mom

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The Best Way to Celebrate Mom, That Costs Nothing and is Priceless! Many of us find ourselves trapped in an overspending mindset. We feel that to show someone we care, means we have to spend tons of money. The truth is, that is just exactly what the whole marketing world […] Read more…

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