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Why is it important to have a hobby

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Why is it Important to Have a Hobby

As mothers, we mostly concentrate a lot of our time, and energy to make sure we take care of our family. We find ourselves feeling like an Uber driver while we cart our children,, who are our non-paying customers, btw) around for their numerous activities.

What we forget is that we are also people. It’s like, as soon as we sprout out those tiny humans, we unconsciously decide we are not a priority anymore. It’s almost like our dreams, plans and past times never existed.

I get it. That tiny human we created definitely needs more time and attention than anything else in the world, especially at first. They need to be fed, soothed, changed, bathed, and much more.

However, as soon as that very short phase passes, we still fail to think of ourselves. We do not give ourselves permission to dream again, or pick up that book we were reading. Or even to learn a new skill, like baking, knitting, coding, etc.

Instead, we sign our kids up for not 1 or 2, but 3-4 things to do, which keeps us busy. All. The. Time. We join the PTA, offer to be room mom at school, or even carpool a bunch of kids (ours included) to their many activities.

And we never stop to ask ourselves: How about ME?

Here’s the thing: Instead of keeping ourselves busy doing things FOR them, how about we keep busy doing things for US? Yes, we see them as the most important persons in our lives. In reality, WE should be the most important person in our lives.

Why is it important to have a hobby

Developing creativity

When we consistently create things, our creativity power increases. This is because creativity is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the better it gets. Even if the process to get there seems a bit rocky or painful at first.


When we create something that matters to us, opportunities come from even the most unexpected places. For some, being able to create things could mean starting their own business. That’s an opportunity that many stay at home moms take advantage of. It allows them the freedom to make their own work hours, care for their home and family, and contribute to the family’s finances.

For others, that hobby that allows them to create could also mean the chance to volunteer in the community. Or even teach others how to make something.

Learning new skills

I can’t even count the amount of times I have heard people say “I am not creative”. Or, ” I am not crafty”. Truth is, you won’t really know if you can knit or sew unless you took the time to learn the skill. While I’ll be the first one to tell you that some skills are way above my capabilities, I have also found that, with the proper guidance, you could learn almost anything.

What’s even better is that, in this day and age, learning a new skill is literally at your fingertips. You can learn pretty much anything, either by using a YouTube video, or with a paid course in the subject.

Perfecting skills

Having a hobby can often mean that you get to bank on your existing abilities. What that means is that, while you already know how to do something, making it a habit will only make you even better at it.

It doesn’t matter how basic your skills are. With practice you could become much better at it, and therefore, enjoy it even more.

Mental health

It is no secret that when we do something that we love, and makes us happy, we feel better. That’s why having a hobby that is only ours, and that we enjoy can only help our mental health.

It has been found that having a hobby helps improve our mental health, warding off things like depression, anxiety, and stress. Also that the more time spent doing these hobbies, the better the mental health.

Physical health

As I always tell my kids, what happens to the mind, affects the body, and happens to the body, affects the mind. Following up on the previous point, it is then to be assumed (correctly, I’m sure) that when we do something that make our mind feel better, there can only be benefits to our body as well.


Listen, I am not one to put down the merits of something that’s store bought, and that we need or want. However, something that you made or finished is highly rewarding. This is even true of finishing a book, if that’s your hobby. I know that from experience, since reading is my #1 hobby.

Personal fulfillment

You could find personal fulfillment from other things like work, or even from a family project. There is no denying that. What a hobby of your own can do is make it so that the source of fulfillment lies on you only. Your hobby will be yours, not a family affair (although it could be, I guess).

It will be rewarding to you in ways that other activities will not be. Finishing up that book, or crocheting that blanket on your own will be a direct reflection of the time, love ,and effort you put into it.


This is, perhaps, one of the most important parts of having a hobby that is all your own. So often we lose ourselves in the crazy chaos of motherhood, and family-related things, that we tend to become one with the rest, and forget about ourselves.

By picking up a hobby that is only for our own enjoyment, we can further express our individuality. This point is crucial to, not only ourselves, but to our family members, who can easily forget that we are not only wives, and mothers, but also people, individuals.


I get that time for entertainment can be difficult to find amid the million other things we have to do. However, life can’t be all work. And yes, cleaning a home, doing laundry, minding the kids, and running errands is work. Even if you don’t get monetary compensation.

Having a hobby to resort to is important. And you must make that time, even if it means less TV time, or saying no to yet another demand of your time from someone else.


Nothing makes me happier than sitting down with a great book and lose myself in the story for a bit. As I said, reading is my #1 hobby, and it certainly allows me to rest, relax, and have some “me” time.

Whatever your hobby is, it must be something you enjoy doing. It must feel rewarding, either physically, mentally, or emotionally. Therefore, doing it will make you happy. End of story.

Putting ourselves or our interests first is something that rarely comes easily to mothers. It can be understandably hard, but the benefits that will be reaped far out-weight the “inconvenience” we might cause others. In fact, it will benefit those around us as well.

Think about it. If mommy is feeling happy, productive, and fulfilled, doesn’t it follow that she will project that? Yes! It totally does. If you are not burned out by making others your top priority 100% of the time, your chances of handling the gazillion things thrown your way with renewed vigor, are much better.

Do you have a hobby? If so, what is it you do for yourself? If you don’t have a hobby, why not? Please, share with us in the comment section below. Inquiring minds want to know 😉

Why is it important to have a hobby

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Why is it important to have a hobby

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