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I am constantly looking for way to simplify my every day life, save money, and at the same time, work hard on my personal goals. Just like you.

No one single person can do it all. To expect otherwise is not only unrealistic, but also unfair, and dangerous. However, I believe it is in our very nature as women to complicate our lives too much in our quest to be everything to everybody. And while trying to accomplish that, we forget to take care of ourselves. We constantly drown in overwhelm, while kick our budget to the curb.

Here at The Exceptionally Ordinary Life, I want to inspire you to enjoy a simple life, while staying on budget.

To clarify, my view of an “exceptionally ordinary life” is that of a life well lived, and enjoyed at its max. It’s a life that could, and should be simple, but also fulfilled. The exceptionally ordinary life is one where you can stop to enjoy the little things, and not concern yourself about luxury, or what others have or do. It’s all about learning to use all your resources in a smart way, and eliminating all the fluff that make our lives overwhelming.

And I want to inspire you to achieve that. Because, deep down we all know that our lives can feel like they are spiraling out of control. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At The Exceptionally Ordinary Life, you will find parenting tips, ideas, budgeting help, simple recipes, easy DIY projects, meal planning, encouragement, and much more, all in the name of learning to manage your finances better, and learn to live simply.

If this is your first time with us, be sure to read the About Me page. That will give you a glimpse of who I am.

MISSION STATEMENT: To help women everywhere to eliminate the unnecessary from their lives, embrace simplicity and make the best of the lives we have, while staying on budget and paying off debt.

How I wish to serve, and help you

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This section is all about all the serious, and necessary parts of having a business. It’s important and required to have pages for things like Disclosure Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy, to help run things a smoothly as possible.


Under this category you will only find 2 things: the About Me page, and the About the Blog page (this one). I have created 2 separate pages because I wanted you to get to know me better both as a person, and a blogger. And so you could also learn about the blog itself, and how it could benefit, help or inspire you.

The Life category is probably the one that has a wider variety of information. In it, I write about parenting, family life, self care, women struggles, and much more.

In the Money category you will find help with creating a budget that works, along with other personal finance info and tips to help you take care of your family’s finances better, and learn how to save, and stretch your financial resources. You might also find resources for finding ways to supplement your income, and every other thing money related.

To be completely transparent, I am not the craftiest person in the world. However, I am all for trying to recreate little projects that I see on Pinterest. I love handmade/homemade stuff, and also love to save money, so whenever I find a way to combine crafts with saving money, I am all for it. And that’s what you will find in this category.

The DIY It category is then the place where I will share those little projects that I feel are easy enough to make, will enhance your life in any way, and/or will save you as much money as possible.

Lack of organization is probably one of the biggest causes of overwhelm, stress, and overspending. Therefore, in this category you will find all the things that could help you get your chaotic life under control, whether that be about time management, uncluttering your home, and even the use of planners/journals/calendars to keep you on track.

The worst kept secret in the world is that I absolutely despise cooking. That is probably the only chore I would ever hire out, if I ever had money to toss around.

Even though I share that chore with my husband, I can’t avoid cooking every day. And so, I always do my very best to keep it as simple as possible. The Food category is then, the place where I share those simple recipes. You will also find round ups of my favorite recipes found via Pinterest. Other posts will be about grocery shopping tips. And of course, meal planning, because that is essential to stay organized, and save money.

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How can I help?

I love blogging. I love writing fresh, new content, creating cool images, and sharing any tips I can with you. However, this would be wasted if I am not serving you in the ways you need me to. I wish nothing more than for you to see me as your new online friend, one who you can come to with questions. Furthermore, I want us to learn from each other, because this life business is much better when we help, support and depend on each other. To make the path towards financial freedom, simplicity and contentment more enjoyable.

So, please, do not hesitate to drop me a line in the comments section of any of my blog posts if you have a question, a suggestion, or just want to say “Hi”.

Rounding it up…

What you see here is the real deal. No fluff. I will promise total transparency on everything I share here, as well as on my social media accounts. My greatest hope is that you find my posts helpful, and that I can contribute to your life in positive ways, even if only a little bit.

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