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Important life and safety skills everyone should learn

60+ important life skills everyone should learn- Part 4

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The best way to improve our lives is to make sure we have the tools we need. Among those tools, of course, are all the life skills we acquire along the way. But what are the must-have skills?

I have compiled a long list of the most important life skills everyone should learn. Because the list got so long, I have split it into 5 blog posts for easier consumption. This is part 4 of that series. The link to the other four parts can be found at the end of this post.

60+ important life skills everyone should learn- Part 4

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How to use public transportation

I must confess I am not the biggest fan of public transportation. Not a snobby ‘tude, I promise. It’s just that I can’t get past the fact that sooo many people touch everything, or plant the behinds on the same spots I do. Not to mention, the waiting times are not always ideal, and even though they have a schedule, it’s not set in stone, and you can’t control how on point it is.

However, there are definite benefits to, at least, learn how to navigate it, understand the routes, and how the connections work. For one, if you are ever in need of using public transportation, you will know how, when and where to hop on one, without getting too lost. Also, I know that with the arrival of Uber & Lyft most of us have other options. But, what if you don’t? What if there’re no available drivers in your area, or they’ll take too long to get to you? And let’s not forget how expensive it can get if you are paying for an Uber or a Lyft every time you need to more around town.


Probably not for everyone (driving, I mean), but knowing how, has huge advantages. Even if you don’t own a car, if you are ever in the position that your ride needs you to take over for whatever reason (a.k.a. they are drunk, sick or passed out), being able to do so can even be a life-saver. But most importantly, learning to drive safely, and following traffic rules is a must.

Gas up a car

Not rocket science, but learning the basics of gassing up a car can save you time and even a few headaches. It is then very important that you familiarize with the process of opening the tank cover, how to pay (on the pump or inside), select the correct grade, and even where the tank is located.

Oil change/top off fluids

Not much of a car person myself, but I can tell you that not being completely useless with the most basic maintenance has been crucial. Not only can I do some simple things myself, but I can also recognize when my car’s needs are way beyond my capabilities, and it’s time to ask for help.

Knowing where each fluid is, how to measure oil levels properly, and how and when to top them off could mean that your car will function better, and last longer.

How to read a map & road signs

I know, I know, most of us have Google Maps on our phones, or even GPS on our cars nowadays. However, sometimes technology does what it does: it gets testy and difficult when you most need it. Therefore, understanding what the less basic road signs mean, and knowing how to read an actual paper map could get you out of a sticky mess.

Fixing or replacing a flat tire

Not a huge fan of getting up close and personal with my tires, so I understand if you find it icky too. However, unless you have someone to do this for you, or pay for roadside assistance, you must know how to set up the jack properly, how to remove the old tire, and how to install the replacement. This is most crucial, because of how dangerous it is to not have your tires properly installed.

How to replace windshield wipers

Depending on where you live, chances are you might need to replace your wipers at least once a year. If, like me, you use them for 9 months out of every year (Pacific Northwest problems), then it might be more frequent.

It’s important to know that, much like cars, not all windshield wipers are the same. That means that you must be sure to purchase the correct ones, and that you install them properly. This is not a difficult task, as long as you follow the instructions in the pack.


Basic first aid & CPR

Truth be told, everyone should learn and be ready to attend to minor cuts & injuries, and do CPR. Knowing these skills can literally mean the difference between life & death, not only for our family and loved ones, but for others as well.

If you are wanting to learn these and get certified, check your local authorities, or the nearest WMCA. A quick Google search will point you in the right direction.


By learning how to swim, you open up opportunities for many fun activities, like water skiing, jet-ski riding, and much more. But also, knowing how to swim can be life-saving in case of an emergency.

Emergency preparedness

Knowing how to be prepared for emergencies is another super useful skill to learn. Depending on where you live, you will find that it could mean knowing how to shelter in place in case of a tornado watch, learning how to storm-proof your home when a hurricane is coming, or even how much to stockpile of any article you might need in any emergency case as applicable to you.

Survival 101

Learning how to start a fire, cook without electricity, canning and many other small tasks fit into this life skill. Being able to survive when our every day tools are not available to us can be intimidating, but once you get past that, you’ll see how convenient it is to make do with the most basic of supplies on hand.

Utilizing resources

Learning to utilize our resources is a fantastic skill, one that could be very beneficial not just to us, but to the environment. It could also make a big difference between making our resources last for as long as possible, or running out too soon. But to learn this skill one must first understand that waste is not OK, and that we should always treat ALL of our resources with respect, and care.

Proper use of guns or any other weapon

I’m going to go ahead and say it: I don’t particularly like guns. I can see they can be useful to some as protection or as a hunting tool. But I fail to see how collecting guns like you’d collect stamps or Funko Pops is a thing.

However, if you do have guns at home, either for protection, hunting or collecting, it is imperative that everyone in the home knows basic safety measures, how to use them, and what to do or not to do with them.

If you own a gun or guns, then please, make sure you have the proper storage for them, and that all able-bodied persons in your home are very educated in the proper use and handling of them. The deadly unintentional shooting by children rate is scary, staggering, but above all, preventable.

60+ important life skills everyone should learn- Part 4

To recap:

Here’s a list of the most important life skills everyone should learn in the car/transportation & safety categories:


  • How to use public transportation
  • Driving
  • Gassing up a car
  • Oil change/top off fluids
  • How to read a map and understand road signs
  • Fixing or replacing a flat tire.
  • How to replace windshield wipers


  • Basic first aid & CPR
  • Swimming
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Survival 101
  • Utilizing resources
  • Proper use of guns/weapons

Hope you found this post useful! Please, if you have any suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to leave them below in the comment section. Also, go check the other 4 parts of this series by clicking on any of the following links:

60+ important life skills everyone should learn- Part 4

Important life and safety skills everyone should learn

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