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Welcome home, to The Exceptionally Ordinary Life!

Hey there, I am very happy to welcome you to our quest to create a wonderful life, while staying on budget!

I am Jessica (but everyone calls me Jess), creator and blogger at The Exceptionally Ordinary Life. I have created this blog with the idea of sharing tips to help others learn to embrace their every day life AND create exceptional moments they love, on a budget.

What to expect from The Exceptionally Ordinary Life

Think of all the ways in which you can improve your life by minimizing overwhelm, and minimizing money worries. Enjoying life as it comes, without comparing your path to others, or going into debt. Imagine that you can keep things simple, by making the most of your resources, like time, money, and energy.

Because life isn’t about what we have. It is about what we make of it. It’s about finding ways to simplify your life and make the best decisions, so that even when on a tight budget, you can create happiness for yourself, and your family.

What is behind the name

To me, The Exceptionally Ordinary Life invokes the idea that we are all incredible beings and that no life or lifestyle is dull or common.

Because the truth is, each life is unique, because each person is unique.

See, we all have our fair share of deep grief, happiness  fear, excitement, sadness, success and hardship. And I am sure you are no exception.

But one thing is for sure, though: those moments are all yours. No other person, no matter if their situations are better or worse than yours, has had the pleasure of living as you. The key is making the best out of every day and every situation. Even the hard stuff.


For someone who is going thru a hard financial patch, for example, it might be easier to feel sad, desperate, discouraged. But what would happen if that person decided to buckle down, create a budget, change jobs, start using coupons and simply stop over-spending? That person could very well turn an awful situation into a learning experience. Could very well learn how to properly use his or her resources more effectively and to live within his of her means.


For someone who feels like his or her life has no purpose, taking a good look at what activities make them happy might be all it takes to turn it all around. Even when our day to day activities might feel like a deep, dark hole of sameness, we all have possibilities in our hands. All we need to do is start looking, really looking.

Take for example the stay at home mom that loves to take pictures of her kids and posts about a million of them per day on Facebook. Her passion might be to exclusively photograph her own kids, but maybe she does have an amazing eye for photography.


While there is nothing wrong with “just being a mom” (whatever that means 😉 ), if a mom is struggling with feeling unfulfilled with the nonstop every day diaper changing, meal prepping, laundry washing, etc that is the bread and butter of most SAHM. And that passion or hobby could turn into a new, and exciting business venture that could help her contribute to the family finances, and to feel more independent

Or the person, man or woman, who has the best fundraising ideas but feels like their 9-5 job deters them from doing more. That person could potentially find organizations in their community that could put their talent to good use, making him or her feel more accomplished and happy with themselves.


I believe it’ss our choice to see, to notice the potential in ourselves and in our lives. We have all got what it takes to be and feel exceptional. The only thing we really need to do, is open our eyes.

And I am here to encourage you. To show you in how many ways you can find your strengths, opportunity, and happiness. And how you can do that, even amid everyday challenges, or a very limited budget.

I want you to know that I am thrilled to have you join me. That I want to be of assistance, and guidance in any way I can. And most importantly, I want you to know that you are not alone 🙂

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