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 As with a child, naming our online business can sometimes seem a bit daunting. We might know what we want to convey with the name, and of course we want it to be equal parts catchy, memorable, and interesting enough to make readers, or customers want to stay around for a while.

In my experience, this can be a huge milestone to get thru, and even after we settle on one name, we often doubt ourselves. Maybe because we compare ourselves, and our business to others. Or maybe we are not completely clear on our mission, goals, and target audience.

Whatever it is that is holding you back, know that you are not alone. Not by a long shot.

But just like with a child’s name, it is possible to pick just the right name. One that makes you happy, and comfortable, but that can also draw the attention of others.

Hello, and welcome to my Dotcom child, The Exceptionally Ordinary Life! I am Jess, blogger and creator of this new venture. And I want to share with you exactly how I picked my domain name.


Domain name

The How

My brainstorming process for the right blog or domain name was a very long and slow one. I had about 30-40 combinations of words that I had started gathering many months ago. I liked them all, which made it painfully hard to decide.

This was no big surprise for me. I have the hardest time picking a restaurant or what to eat from the menu, so why would choosing my domain name be any different? 😉

It’s not that I’m indecisive, really. But when the options are literally endless, sometimes I just want to grab them all and make a run for it. Sounds familiar? No? Okay, maybe it’s just me 🙂

The process

I’ll call this process my Domain Pensieve. If you are at all familiar with the Harry Potter world, you’ll know that the beloved character Albus Dumbledore uses a rune-covered basin to “dump” all his memories, and sometimes even other people’s memories, to either go back to it later on and study said memory and connect the elusive dots to solve or understand something, or simply to un-clutter his mind, when he had accumulated too much stuff. Genius, right? (Thanks, J.K. Rowling!)

Anyway, my Domain Pensieve consisted of a virtual sticky note that I could summon at any time on my laptop to add yet another item.

Some examples

I began by adding catchy phrases, loose words that I came up with, or even nicknames, and such. An example of this is: I Am Warden. This is an internal joke in our home for sure.

Let me explain. On weekends, I am usually the last one to get up. That means that my husband and kids get a couple hours of relaxation, before I, The Warden, get up, and start getting everyone moving. FYI, it was my sweet husband who nicknamed me The Warden, which I find hilarious.

Another example is A Well Blended Life. It describes perfectly our family life. See, our family is a nice blend of all of us. Cue in me, a single mother of two, one being my biological daughter, and the other being my Godson, who I have raised, and love as my own, and who lives with us. Add a husband, who incidentally is from a different country, AND a baby to the mix, and that’s us. All of us with our own set of circumstances, backgrounds, and from two different cultures. And we not only make it work. We simply work.

Like the examples mentioned above, I had tons more. All things I liked, or that resonated with me. Unfortunately, the more phrases or words I added, the harder it became to choose, because I truly loved them all! Oh, decisions, decisions…

What next?

To start, I printed out three copies of the list and gave a copy to my husband and one to each of our teenage kids. I did not ask Miss Emma for help, because I was afraid she would make it even more complicated (she was 7). Good thing too, because my husband and teens made it complicated enough ha ha

See, I did not tell them beforehand what those phrases meant. Or what was the purpose of the list. I had barely talked about blogging to anyone, mainly because I’m usually private about my projects. But also because I wanted their most honest opinions. So there they were, with a two page long list each, and with no clue as to what to do. I only told them to read them and make a note next to them if they:

  • Didn’t understand the phrase
  • Loved it
  • Hated it
  • Wanted to give me some extra feedback

It worked out alright. For the most part. My husband was pretty confused at first so I had to tell him to just read the phrases and not try to apply them to anybody or anything in particular. The teens took to it right away, though and made tons of comments next to them, “cheesy”, “weird”, “love it”, “super-cheesy”, “this is awesome”, “WTH”, among others.

This part of the process was the most fun for me! It was a tad hard at first, but only because as I said before, I tend to keep plans and projects to myself. But this was my family after all, who would, in one way or another be impacted by my blogging. And also, who (I hope) would be the most honest with me.

The final decision

After scraping the lame, the cheesy and the confusing, I proceeded to check which ones where available. This was less fun. The ones I liked the most where taken on the .com option and I really wanted to stick to that. I know other options like .net, .us, and so on are OK to use, but I really felt like I needed to stick to the more commonly used, to ensure that I got “dibs” when someone did a search. Make sense?

In order to do this though, I had to make a tiny change to my preferred domain name, hence the {-} between Exceptionally-Ordinary. It was a tiny compromise and while I would’ve preferred not to have to do it. That’s why I have now re-branded to The Exceptionally Ordinary Life domain name, which totally fits my message.

Why The Exceptionally Ordinary Life?

First, I must say that I heard the phrase “exceptionally ordinary” from a beloved character of a movie that is based on one of my favorite books. Somehow, it got stuck in my head and started making all sorts of sense; how the most ordinary things or people could also be exceptional in their own particular way. (Keep in mind, the character is extremely quirky, but also smart and fun, traits that tend to draw me in.)

I lead a very simple life. My life is not perfect, but it is exactly like I want it.

Most important, we are a family of 5, who by a lot of planning, juggling, and budgeting, make it work on one income. In this day, and age, when most families are forced to take on multiple jobs just to make ends meet, or even worse, take on more debt, I would like to be of help. By sharing tips, sharing the mistakes we’ve made, and encouraging others to embrace the simple things, I hope to inspire you to make the adjustments needed to create the life you want.

I believe a simple, quiet, and less stressed life is possible, if we stop trying to live like others, and start making better financial decisions. And I am a firm believer that we are all capable of living simply, and eliminating as much of the sources of stress, and overwhelm as possible.

Our lives can be unique, in their own right, without extravagant homes, fancy vacations, or luxurious cars. And definitely not if those things can only be achieved with credit cards, or loans. Those are things we don’t need to make us happy. Instead, we can all enjoy the company of our loved ones by spending more time together, even if it’s just watching a movie, playing a board game, or sharing a simple home cooked meal.

The most important thing to remember is that there is only one of you. Only you get to experience your every day, and to share it with your loved ones. Only you get to see thru your eyes, and to be you. And that in itself is all sorts of unique.

Domain name

That’s the how and why behind my domain name. I hope you can hop in here whenever you want, and find tips, ideas, and inspiration to help you live the simpler, and happier life you want, while sticking to your budget. Go here to learn more about me.

Domain name

I’d love to hear what you think, so drop me a comment below!

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