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Best way to celebrate mom

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The Best Way to Celebrate Mom, That Costs Nothing and is Priceless!

Many of us find ourselves trapped in an overspending mindset. We feel that to show someone we care, means we have to spend tons of money.

The truth is, that is just exactly what the whole marketing world is all about. We see these fabulous commercials where a mom receives a gorgeous, and expensive necklace for Mother’s Day. Those moms look so happy! It’s almost like that one piece of jewelry has just changed her life.

In reality though, those “moms” are actors. They were paid to look like they have been given the world, all wrapped up in a tiny jewelry store box. Those actors were carefully chosen to evoke the right response from you, their target market.

Don’t get me wrong. When done with honesty, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this practice. Companies have products they believe in, and they want to sell them. That’s how they stay in business, and make their money, which is kinda of the point. However, you can certainly make Mom feel super special, even if you are broke, or have no clue what to get for her.

And the best way to make Mom’s day special, is by giving her the day off!

If you want more specific ideas on how to make Mom’s day off amazing, here are a few. Do one, or do them all. Trust me. As tired, and overworked as most (if not all) moms are, she will really appreciate it.

The Best Way To Celebrate Mom, That Costs Nothing And Is Priceless

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Plan ahead, or talk about the goals, and ideas for the day with all the family members.

This is crucial to make this work. By talking, and making the plans together, your gift of time for mom will be much more successful. It helps to have everyone on board, and on the same page to make the day run smoother.

Let mom know of the plans ahead of time.

This is rather important. By giving mom a heads up, you could also encourage her to plan her day. She might want to read, or shower without interruptions, knit, watch her favorite shows, or maybe head to Target on her own. Although it is a Mother’s Day celebration, that doesn’t mean she has to spend the day with the children/family.

Here are some suggestions for mom, if she has no clue what to do with her day off:

  • Relax
  • Read a book
  • Get a manicure & pedicure (or give herself one)
  • Go out for coffee
  • Meditate
  • Do yoga or excercise
  • Watch her favorite series
  • Go for a walk
  • Get together with friends for lunch
  • Go shopping
  • Get a massage
  • Knit
  • Crochet

Please, encourage mom to make her own plans. She might resist a bit, because she is used to spending all her time doing so much for her family. But this is her time to do as she pleases.

Let her sleep in.

Getting enough sleep is definitely a luxury for most moms. We get up early to get everyone ready for school. Then we are busy most of the day, running errands, chores, etc. And most of the time we end up going to bed last, because of all the other things we need to do.

I get to sleep in all I want every single weekend, thanks to my husband. He makes sure the kids don’t disturb me, and that I wake up when my body says I am ready to do so. He also knows that during the week, I wake up early, never nap, and then go to bed super late, finishing up what I can.

I know I am one of the lucky few to have the weekends to recover, and I am so very thankful!

It is from that personal experience that I can recommend you do this for mom, even if only on her special day. Trust me. She is tired. We usually are.

Make her breakfast.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to make it overly complicated. Some coffee, juice, toast, and a bit of fruit in a cup will do. Or if you want to sweeten the pot, you can make her scrambled eggs, or French toast. Whatever you decide to make, believe me when I say it will make mom happy to not have to get up to feed others, at least once.

Ask her what she wants for dinner.

This one can be a bit tricky, especially if she is the one who cooks all the time. Or if no one else in the family knows how to cook.

If that’s the case, you could offer mom a few options to choose from, taking into consideration your cooking skills, time, and ingredients on hand. One thing is true though: whether you make mom a steak & potatoes meal, or just a simple grilled cheese sandwich with fries, or tomato soup, mom will appreciate your efforts.

Do the dishes.

Even if you serve on paper plates, chances are you will dirty some pans, or utensils. Do those dishes right away! Mom might find it really hard to relax if she can clearly see the pile of dishes reaching the ceiling. To avoid that, simply wash, and dry everything you use, as soon as you use it.

And if you think about it, you will benefit from keeping up with dishes as well. After all, who wants to cook in a dirty kitchen? Or worse, discover, half way thru meal prep that one of the pans you need is at the very bottom of the pile?

No one. That’s who 😉

Clean up after yourself.

Let’s face it. Families can get pretty messy sometimes. OK, maybe all the time. We often see most mothers either picking up after their families, or else, hunting down other family members, to make sure they do their chores.

And that, my friend, is just not right.

Whether a mom is a stay at home mom, or a mom with a paying job, it should never be up to her to pick up, and clean up by herself. And so, in the spirit of making mom’s day really special, try keeping the house as tidy as possible, even if just for that one day.

Speaking from personal experience, if my house is falling apart, I simply can’t relax. I am not saying the house has to be spotless. Just a bit of tidying up, and of making sure everyone takes responsibility for their messes, can make one heck of a difference.

And oh, I don’t know. Maybe the whole family can make this a habit? I will go ahead and say that , I KNOW mom would be forever grateful 🙂

Just one more thing…

There is one more thing I am 100% positive all moms agree on: we don’t like the constant whining, fighting, and complaining. And you know what else? We also appreciate it when the kids remember that they can, either solve some things on their own, or ask another adult in the household. You know, like Daddy, for example. 😉

To really give mom the break she so rightly deserves, put some, or all these practices in place. Because, if there is one thing many moms crave, and rarely get, is the gift of time for themselves. You might be the reason why she is a mom. But this one day is her, for her to spend as she wants. Make it special, do your part 😉

How are you planning on honoring mom on Mother’s Day? Please, share in the comments! And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.

The Best Way to Celebrate Mom that Costs Nothing and is Priceless

Best way to celebrate mom

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